Today, millions of people will gather around tables to eat turkey, be with friends, and give thanks. It's Thanksgiving, one of the biggest US holidays each year. Traditionally, Thanksgiving isn't a very productive day for US-based companies, many taking the day off in celebration. However, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation still had some special messages to share with fans to celebrate the occasion, and they're all pretty sweet.

Xbox had the most elaborate status, sharing an image of an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S bursting over a controller with a special turkey design. The picture is a spoof of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, an annual event that has been running since 1924. The parade often sees some form of video game representation, as both Sonic and Pikachu have balloons featured in the parade every year.


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On the flip side, PlayStation has had the least elaborate message to share, at least so far. The company simply tweeted an image of Sackboy donning a turkey outfit and dancing around. As far as celebration goes, it's a pretty relaxed option. There's also the chance that PlayStation has more to share later on in the day, as it's still pretty early.

Finally, the official Nintendo of America Twitter account also had a celebratory image to share. The post is simple, boasting an undocked Switch with Animal Crossing: New Horizons on-screen. Scattered around the scene are a few small pumpkins and leaves, giving the entire picture a decidedly fall vibe. The image isn't necessarily exclusive to Thanksgiving, either. Rather, it's simply an homage to togetherness during the season.

It's not uncommon for the three companies to share an image in celebration of a special event. The three accounts regularly share celebratory images for holidays, milestones, and any other major event that happens along. Xbox, specifically, will revel not just in its own achievements, but its competitor's achievements as well. It's a nice bit of camaraderie in a competitive industry.

While these aren't the most earth-shaking images, it's nice to see Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo enjoy the holidays together. So far 2021 has been an interesting year for games, with massive reveals and surprises happening throughout. While fans may still be burned by high-profile delays and the difficulty of finding video game consoles, today is a day to set all that inside and enjoy a holiday with friends and family.

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