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Trainers start out Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl with a modest 3,000-5,000 in Pokemon Dollars. While this isn't bad to get started, it's not going to be enough to purchase better items early in the game. Over the course of the journey in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players will be spending money on healing items, revives, outfits, and Poke Balls. This means they'll want to start farming money as early as they can.

Different NPCs reward different amounts of money upon being defeated. Trainer classes such as Youngsters will give fewer Pokemon Dollars than Ace Trainers. Additionally, there are certain items that can be held by a lead Pokemon to increase the amount of money earned. Knowing what to get and equip and who to fight is the only way to farm money in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


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Vs. Seeker, Amulet Coin, and Luck Incense


The first Key Item that players will want to get is the Vs. Seeker. This device allows players to challenge previously-fought trainers to a rematch. Luckily, getting the Vs. Seeker is scripted in BDSP. After beating Gardenia, players will run into Dawn/Lucas on Route 207 and receive the Vs. Seeker and Dowsing Machine. The Vs. Seeker recharges after 100 steps, so as long as players are recharging it and the NPC they want to battle is up for a rematch, they can keep battling the same trainer again and again.

Amulet Coin & Luck Incense

Next, get the Amulet Coin. This is an item to be held by a Pokemon that doubles the amount of money earned after battle. It can be found in Amity Square in Hearthome City. Go to the right of Amity Square to some old ruins. Walk into the one on the left and inspect the area until Lucas/Dawn picks up the Amulet Coin. With this, give it to the leading Party Pokemon before entering a battle. It's recommended to have this item equipped when fighting Gym Leaders or rich Trainers (i.e: Lady, Gentleman).

Another money-raising item is the Luck Incense. To get this, players need to have HM Rock Smash and HM Surf.

  1. Go to the Ravaged Path (Route 204).
  2. Use Rock Smash to break any boulders and follow the path.
  3. There's a body of water that can be crossed via Surf. Follow this left.
  4. Continue on the path and pick up the Luck Incense.

If the player has the Amulet Coin, then they don't have to get the Luck Incense. Unfortunately, these items do not stack in battle. By having a lead Pokemon holding the Amulet Coin and swapping it out with a Pokemon holding the Luck Incense, the prize money will only be doubled, not quadrupled.

However, players can use the Luck Incense to get a Happiny Egg by giving it to Chansey. Normally when breeding Chansey or Blissey, the resulting Egg would hatch a Chansey. As long as Chansey is holding the Luck Incense in the Pokemon Daycare, it will produce a Happiny Egg. Players can also get a Happiny Egg from a Hiker NPC in Hearthome City.

Challenge Trainers to a Rematch

pokemon brilliant diamond shining pearl route 212 trophy garden

With the Amulet Coin (or Luck Incense) held by the leading Pokemon, go to Route 212 near the Pokemon Mansion. The goal here is to challenge any of the fancy-looking NPCs. Their Trainer Classes are Socialite, Gentleman, and Lady. Each one will give a large amount of money upon defeat, and with the Amulet Coin/Luck Incense, the money will double.

Once they've been defeated, use the Vs. Seeker to challenge them again. Repeat this process and remember the Vs. Seeker needs to recharge, so walk 100 steps in between rematches.

One way to finish battles quickly is by bringing a high-level Pokemon to sweep through their team. Since the player is challenging them to a rematch, the opposing team's Pokemon may be at a much higher level. Be on guard and save before battling if necessary.

Another subset of trainers that give large sums of money is the Elite Four. Since this is the Elite Four and players can't stop to heal their Pokemon at Pokemon Centers, this isn't recommended unless their team is strong enough. Luckily, trainers can keep battling the rich trainers on Route 212 and rush back to the Pokemon Center if their team gets tired.

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Optional: Catch Meowth

meowth pokemon

Meowth may not be impressive to some players, but its signature move, Pay Day, makes it easier to pick up a little pocket change after battles. The move Pay Day scatters coins to 5x Meowth's level each time it is used. As of Generation 6, the Amulet Coin/Luck Incense now stacks with Pay Day. Since the amount of coins depends on Meowth's level, it's not a bad idea to evolve it into Persian and have it at a moderate level.

Remember: Meowth needs to use Pay Day in battle. Simply having it hold onto the Amulet Coin and swapping it out at the start of battle won't earn additional money if Pay Day is not used.

To get Meowth, players need to first have the National Dex. This unlocks by seeing every Pokemon in Sinnoh and speaking to Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town.

Meowth can be caught at the Trophy Garden and serves as one of the "Daily Pokemon." Speak to Mr. Backlot in the Pokemon Mansion, who can be found in one of the rooms in the right-wing of the Mansion. If Meowth is there, he'll mention seeing a bunch of Meowth in his Trophy Garden. One strategy is to save before talking to Mr. Backlot and then speak to him. If the Pokemon isn't Meowth, reset the game and speak to him again.

Some trainers may find this tedious since Meowth is only available much later in BDSP. To top this off, Meowth needs to be able to hold its own in battle and be able to spam Pay Day without being knocked out. Luckily, Persian can still use Pay Day and as an evolved Pokemon, its stats are better than Meowth's.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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