The live-action Cowboy Bebop show has revealed an official first look at Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, also known as Radical Ed, who will be played by Eden Perkins. Netflix's Cowboy Bebop was released on November 24th and is an adaptation of the popular 90s anime of the same name.

Cowboy Bebop is now streaming on Netflix and the show is separating itself from the original by telling a story that doesn't follow the original timeline, nor does it undo what was established in the anime. Think of this as the "lost episodes" of Cowboy Bebop where episodes don't affect the original canon and instead allow the show to serve as its own standalone experience.


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The Netflix Geeked account tweeted out a quick GIF of Ed that shows a little of what fans should expect going forward. The tweet shows that they really captured the vibe of the character and the show to a tee. Ed is prancing around in a dark-looking background with decrepit childlike decorations as well as lights.

The official quote reads, “We really take our time to get to know our characters. And Ed is a very complicated character in all of the good and right ways. And I wanted to make sure that, fingers crossed, we get to a season 2 that we really have the appropriate amount of time to explore the character of Ed.” The show went its own route which is why they chose to not keep everything 1 to 1 accurate with the original.

Ed clearly has a very limited role in the Cowboy Bebop live-action show but if they do end up getting a season 2, then fans will be able to see more of the character. The show's future right now is up in the air so anything is possible but if fans do end up getting a sequel season then there will be plenty of celebration for both fans as well as creators alike.

Cowboy Bebop is clearly not the first anime to get a live-action adaptation nor will it be the last. The show is often held in high esteem among the anime community which is why many were very skeptical of it being revisited so many years later. Netflix is currently working on several other live-action adaptations that are set to come out over the next few years.

Cowboy Bebop is available on Netflix

Source: Netflix Geeked

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