Why Marketing Campaigns Include Video Production For Websites

It is becoming common for businesses to use video in advertising because it is one of the most effective marketing tools available. At any given moment, millions of online visitors are watching videos. Marketing campaigns that include Video Production For Websites take advantage of an existing audience. Viewers remember what they see, making videos some of most budget-friendly advertising strategies available.

Everyone Already Loves Video

When a business adds video to a company website, it is capturing an audience that is already eager to be entertained and educated. There is ample proof that millions of people spend hours online watching videos. YouTube alone gets four billion daily views. Studies show that almost 80% of online viewers watYouTubeube at least once a week, and over half of them search it daily. When businesses create and publish their first videos they are leveling the advertising playing field, since 80% of executives now include video in marketing plans.

Video Educates and Inspires

Online viewers are also likely to watch a video on a company website because they enjoy being entertained and educated. Marketing research indicates that more than 60% of shoppers are willing to spend one or two minutes being educated about a product that they want to buy. Website visitors also view content because most videos are designed to get an emotional response. People like advertising that makes them feel something, whether they laugh, get mad or cry. Photos, audio and text in videos move viewers to take action.

Online Videos Are Cost Effective

Companies are turning to video advertising because it leaves a long-term impression and is often shared. That helps to make online marketing very affordable. Unlike temporary TV spots, video on a website is constant. It is always working for the site owner. Product videos also help businesses convert sales. Studies have revealed that 34% of clothing shoppers are likely to buy after seeing a product video. In contrast, only 16% said that they bought after watching a TV commercial.

Videos are often included on company websites because they are excellent marketing tools. They attract a built-in audience of viewers who are already watching online video because video content inspires, entertains, and educates. Website videos also offer an excellent return on investment.